Starting a new crossword

You can start a new crossword by selecting New from the File menu or clicking on the icon on the toolbar. The New Crossword window will also appear when you start the program.

Click on the button corresponding to the type of puzzle you want to make. You can also click on one of templates and press the Other template button to create other types of puzzles.

The options are:

Cryptic or quick Standard non-American puzzle.

American Standard American puzzle

Freeform/vocabulary Non-symmetric puzzle using themed words. You can generate these automatically from a short list of words.

Word search Puzzle where the solver has to circle words in the grid. You can generate these automatically from a short list of words.

Shape Puzzle with a non-rectangular outline. You can fill the shape with words from a short list.

Barred Words are separated by thick lines rather than black squares.

Clues in squares Short clues are written directly into squares in the grid.

Coded Each square has a number corresponding to the letter, crack the letter code to solve the puzzle.

(Number Place)
Number puzzle in which each number appears once in each row, column and 3x3 (or larger) subsquare.

Other templates supplied are

French Style Squares are numbered down the side and clues numbered by column and row.
Italian These are like a standard crossword except that the black squares do not fill the square.

If you want to re-open an existing puzzle click the Recent files button and select one, or click on the Open existing file button. If you donít want the New Crossword window to show when you start the program uncheck the Show at startup box.