Crossword Compiler 11 update History

Version 11.32, 3rd July 2024

  • New AI-powered theme word list generator: "Generate list" button in Create Vocabulary Puzzle window, and under New in the Word List Manager's theme list tab (AI token quota shared with clue generator)
  • Word list manager and Import Clues try to automatically detect UTF8-encoded text files if imported without explicit setting
  • Added export separator option for by-position clues as plain text and related tweaks
  • Fixed issue re-opening .xml puzzles with multi-line puzzle instructions
  • Fixed bug editing in the word list manager
  • Fixed bug changing numbering in Grid Properties
  • Fixed issue exporting some non-Western clues with formatting
  • Fixed using %F file name placeholder importing grid patterns to a grid library
  • Misc minor enhancements and bug fixes
  • Updated non-English Wikipedia word lists, adding Portuguese; updated Spanish and Portuguese language word lists

Version 11.31, 19th June 2024

  • New Feature: Generate Clues, an AI-powered generation of all missing normal clues (optionally multi-language; internet required, fixed quota). Clue menu item and button in Review/Edit Clues.
  • New Help Assistant, linked from the help menu - converse in natural language about how to use the program (any language should work).
  • New menu option Edit, Select All, Squares with corner text
  • Review/Edit Clues settings option to change answer positioning
  • "Change scores of words in puzzle" now defaults to using the word list last used for filling (if any)
  • Fixed default grid numbering view when opening some (e.g. clue square) puzzles

Version 11.30, 29th May 2024

  • New Feature: Generate Pattern (Grid menu) to make a new random grid pattern with a given symmetry, optionally with a specified minimum distribution of word lengths
  • Support for using WebP images in the grid (e.g. as exported by ChatGPT by default)
  • Image files can be dragged and dropped to insert an image in the grid
  • New iPuz export option to export puzzles with pictures, replacing the pictures with void squares
  • Fixed Multiple Entries filter in Clue Database Manager
  • Updated WordPress plugin to work when switching site from http to https
  • Misc. fixes for crash reports, including an old rare filling issue
  • Oxford English Dictionary and New Oxford American Dictionary add-on dictionaries for WordWeb updated with latest 2024 data (hundreds of new words; to update, re-download from your order download page).

Version 11.29, 10th April 2024

  • New Grid Library Manager (Grid menu, Grid Library)
    • View, rename and delete grid patterns
    • New function to rename all patterns in a grid library using the same name template
    • New function to import patterns from all files in a directory (including recursively in subfolders)
    • New function to make a copy of a library, and to remove patterns in one library from another
  • Added over a thousand new American and Standard grid patterns, including in more sizes. Even more in the Pro Filler's "American (by word length)" library.
  • New Grid, Symmetry options "Dual mirror" (which, unlike dual, can be used with non-square puzzles) and "Maximum" (square only)
  • Fit Theme Words now allows setting one or more sets of rebus letters
  • Words Used (Fill Grid) allows multiple selection for deleting words or re-filling without
  • Create vocabulary puzzle from clue database has new action button option to delete previously used clues (when making multiple puzzles)
  • Print/Export for Review has new options whether or not to include explanations and tags when printing clues with answers
  • Pro Grid Filler has new options for power efficiency mode (Threads tab; reduce energy use and fan noise on some CPUs, Win10+)
  • Clue Database Manager's cleanup database function now has option to delete words that are pure punctuation or too long
  • Some clue database features now much faster when the database is very large
  • "Add puzzle clues to database" will now show clues from clue squares with arrows, even if all do not have arrows
  • Improved preview of metafile pictures
  • Fixed extra sounds
  • Fixed Headers button in Print/Export for Review
  • Fixed applet insertion of letters from alphabet below grid
  • Various fixes based on crash reports
  • American word list updated (supplied with Pro Filler/Pro Update)
  • Wikipedia word lists updated for March 2024 (200 000+ new entries; redownload from your main order download page to update)

Version 11.28, 1st March 2024

  • Support for using SVG (scalable vector graphics) images and lossless scalable export to XML and applet
  • Clue Database Manager search results can be sorted by clicking on column headers; default date ordering respects setting set in Options
  • Clue squares with unwritten clue now shown in color to be more easily visible (set in Options, Display)
  • Clue Database Manager's cleanup database function now has option to remove duplicates differing only by the case of the answer word
  • You can now use Link Clue to modify an existing set of linked words
  • Linked clues with default number now automatically update if grid changed; "Check Grid" checks for number consistency
  • Add clue to database now preserves option for whether to add date
  • Web Export, Convert files to applet files, now allows deselecting "only export js file" to also produce html files
  • Added Options menu option to hide obsolete options (e.g. GIF, Maestro export)
  • Various small speed and cosmetic enhancements
  • Fix drawing of pictures borders when editing; improved picture scaling
  • Fixed bug exporting multiple non-Crossword Compiler files with some settings
  • Fixed occasional display bug editing long clues in Review/Edit Clues
  • Detailed automated bug report uploading in case of unexpected error
  • Fixed bug using Export, and Find in Review/Edit clues with incomplete clues

Version 11.27, 6th January 2024

  • New Grid menu, Lock, Grid Pattern option to prevent adding or removing blocks (or changing shape)
  • New Pro Filler, Special, option to exclude words matching pattern (e.g. *a* to exclude words with A in)
  • New Export, XML options to exclude explanation/citation/URLs and/or solution information
  • Applet Properties option to set the pencil color
  • Applet theme compatibility fix for puzzles with embedded images
  • Applet support for issue with lowercase Turkish letter entry
  • Fixes for identifying multiple clue squares that clue the same word
  • Fix Stats feature for checking words not in spelling list when the spelling list is not punctuation sensitive
  • WordWeb Pro and Chambers Thesaurus add-on dictionary minor updates; re-download Chambers Thesaurus from your order download page to update)

Version 11.26, 7th November 2023

  • Added options button in Clue Editor, with new option to show clue character count
  • Statistics, clue character count also now shows across and down separately
  • Across (puz) export now supports exporting letters visible in the puzzle as pre-entered solution letters
  • Clue square editor now shows words already clued by other arrows in strikeout, and gives warning when adding a second arrow
  • Clue square editor database clue list has new right-click option to set a maximum clue length to only show shorter clues (also used for filling from database); Can also be set via Menu button in Clue Database Manager.
  • Accessibility for crossword solving applet, for better use with screen readers
  • Solving applet indicates more clearly whether it has the input focus
  • When Grid Insight fill word list does not exist, it now says so in the Grid Insight window caption
  • Fixed setting clue circle background color of multiple squares

Version 11.25, 2nd October 2023

  • New function to bulk export multiple puzzles (File, "Export multiple files" and File, Web export, "Convert files to applet files")
  • Ctrl+I shortcut [Edit, Insert multi-letter (rebus) menu item] to enter multiple letters in a square
  • Grid Properties, Clue Squares option to change the clue separator line width
  • Theme word lists now saved as UTF8 by default
  • Edit, Select All option to select all non-keyword squares (e.g. for customizing word search)
  • WordPress plugin updates to auto-scale word searches to fit if necessary
  • Applet fix to show bars in custom line color
  • Fixed clue tag window sometimes opening off screen
  • Fix for a few extended characters in PDF export

Version 11.24, 21st August 2023

  • Added Toggle Punctuation item to right-click menu for solution words in Clue Editor and clue review (toggle quotes, question mark, etc.)
  • Support for exporting clues with extended characters like emoji
  • Create vocabulary puzzle from words with clues has new option to select character set when opening file
  • Pangrammatic filling with a word list that does not contain all the letters will now prompt with an option to continue using a reduced alphabet
  • Applet can use Ctrl+I to toggle to multi-letter mode to insert rebus letters
  • Fix applet wordsearch issue on some pages giving incorrect cursor position
  • Fix for setting Sudoku toolbar in some obscure situations

Version 11.23, 26th June 2023

  • New Preferences option to always show upper case answers for export or review, and default for fill-in words
  • Use clues from database function has new options to date stamp used clues and avoid clues with recent date stamp
  • Database manager, "Add clues from files" has new options for citation/date stamping clues (as when adding clues from the current puzzle)
  • Add puzzle clues to database now supports clues in squares
  • Check Grid function to warns about clue square clues with unwritten clue
  • Several improvement to solving applet's responsive small-screen clue panel, including formatting of multi-line clues and reliability on WordPress sites
  • Fixed update installation of latest Default word list (was not adjusting scores for your locale)
  • Fixed occasional issue with scroll bars in Review/Edit Clues
  • Fixed default clue format for answer words with extended punctuation (e.g. quotes)
  • Fixed export of multi-line clue square clues to XML

Version 11.22, 16th May 2023

  • Review/Edit clues now has option to show clue tags (if set), and right-click on solution word to add/edit tags
  • Rich text export for multi-column clues with puzzle and solution will put solution on separate page at the end
  • Compatibility update for WordPress plugin
  • Fixed showing Unicode word lists in AutoFind
  • Fixed bug editing in review/edit bug with partially-complete grid, and cursor navigation with explanations showing
  • Oxford English Dictionary and New Oxford American Dictionary add-on dictionaries for WordWeb updated with fixes and latest 2023 data (hundreds of new words; to update, re-download from your order download page). Install updates for better compatibility with all-users installations.

Version 11.21, 24th April 2023

  • Fixed export of rich text grid with clues
  • Support for dark mode and other themes (Options menu). The grid and clue square editor always show white background so final colors can be previewed reliably.
  • Right click on tag icon or tag name in Clue Editor to quickly toggle theme flag or add existing tag names
  • Right click on solution word in Review/Edit clues to toggle theme entry flag
  • Smoother editing in the Review/Edit clues
  • New word list statistics feature (Word List menu of the Word List Manager), including length, score, format and letter frequencies, and list of unmapped letters.
  • WordWeb integration from the Clue Editor will now respect WordWeb's dark theme (if WordWeb is running in the tray as normal; WordWeb Pro 10.32+)

Version 11.20, 8th April 2023

  • Word List Manager and word lists
    • Word list Undo using auto-backup of changes; new window to view and restore previous versions, and settings for maximum disk space to use
    • Right-click menu options to change case of selected words (with Ctrl shortcuts) and modify punctuation
    • Menu options to add or remove a selected list from multiple other lists
    • Duplicate/Filter Word list option to filter on a variety of case/punctuation format matches, and to only keep words not matching a pattern
    • Change Scores has new options to scale and/or round scores
    • Score filter option to view words with a specific selection or range of scores ("...")
    • Right-click pop-up menu on the list of main word lists (mirroring menu at the top)
    • Equivalent letters option to change which punctuation is ignored in the grid
    • Convert to plain text has new options to choose score separator and encoding
    • Convert text word list has new options to customize which punctuation is trimmed and which extended characters to ignore
    • Change case/formats window has new options to remove punctuation except space, hyphen and apostrophe, apply formats from another list conditional on case or format match, change quotes to smart quotes, remove quotes and hyphens, and strip accents
    • Default, Movies, Phrases, Uncommon and "Englishes" word list set updates
    • English Wikipedia word lists updated (re-download from your order download page to update)
      • The main Wikipedia list is now scored, on an approximately log scale by view popularity
      • New set of scored thematic Wikipedia word lists (TV, movies, cricket, soccer, hockey, etc)
      • Most misspellings, very obscure words, and less popular alternative punctuation no longer included
    • Fixed longstanding but rare issue with the word list file format, affecting lists with several formatings for a given word (giving rise to duplicates, or unexpected results differencing lists). Small backward-compatible change in the .lst file format that should be invisible to users in almost all cases
    • Fixed Word List Manager bugs displaying lists during editing, and score editing
  • WordWeb integration
    • New Ctrl+W hotkey and right-click menu option to look up selected word in WordWeb Pro from Word List Manager, Review clues, Find Word, Words Used, View/Edit word scores, Statistics and manual word selection; Ctrl+W also works in AutoFind (requires WordWeb Pro 10.3+)
    • Ctrl+W WordWeb hotkey in grid can now look up partially selected grid word, or full formatted solution word; if WordWeb is running separately, it shows using WordWeb as external program
    • WordWeb can now use EdgeView for external/web dictionaries when run via the clue editor pop-up
  • Grid filling
    • New large American (460 000+) word list provided with Pro Grid Filler, fully scored and punctuated
    • Manual word selection window now has right-click menu option to change the word case or edit the format manually
    • Words Used (in fill) window allows incremental keyboard search to select a particular word
    • Status bar fill information no longer ever replaced by tooltip text
  • Find Word and Anagram window can now be left open and always enabled.
  • Anagram window automatically updates word when clue editor opened.
  • Save as Templates now has option to clear the current title and other Information metadata in the saved template (so template has blank information)
  • Statistics letters used/unused have right-click menu to copy to clipboard
  • Fixed export of code grids with odd number of letters
  • Fixed Hidden Word being forgotten when changing to custom new size of word search mid build
  • Fixed problem saving side numbering setting (introduced Dec 22)
  • Fixed "delete word from" function during manual word selection
  • Fixed rare issue with solving applet display of clue squares on some host web pages
  • Fixed applying settings from template when notepad data set
  • Fixed default extension when exporting txt and backup files
  • Fixed issue exporting PDFs with certain .png grid images

Version 11.16, 13th December 2022

  • New option to include puzzle copyright under grid (File, Information and Grid Properties, Advanced)
  • New Print/Export Worksheet option to scale the grid to fill columns when printing wrapped multi-column page
  • Export, PDF option to scale the grid to fill columns when exporting wrapped multi-column page
  • Word List Manager now accepts dragged and dropped word lists and plain text files
  • Word List Manager's function to import a scored plain text list has new option to use different score separators
  • Misc very minor cosmetic tweaks

Version 11.15, 13th November 2022

  • Fixed Fit Theme Words bug with grids that would not fit all strings
  • Default, Englishes and Wikipedia additional word lists updated (re-download from order download page as needed)

Version 11.14, 24th October 2022

  • Fit Theme Word improvements: various filling improvements; progress/cancel pop-up for slow searches; safe time out for very slow cases
  • Grid menu, Delete All has new option to delete all non-theme words
  • New coded puzzle feature to set and edit custom code (Grid menu)
  • Coded puzzle option to print/export/copy to clipboard vertical code grid and vertical code solution
  • Statistics window shows number of theme words on main page
  • Added set of 17x17 grid patterns to the standard grid library
  • Clue Square Editor and Grid Properties clue font lines size box now has right-click menu option to change the default, or force change all squares to use the selected setting
  • Allow more random characters for word search fill around
  • Fixed issue on some machines with fill Accept button not working the first time
  • Fixed half-integer clue square lines on non-English systems
  • Fixed bug in display of Preferences and saving of style checking color

Version 11.13, 18th September 2022

  • Added "Scrabble score" statistic under File, Statistics, Letters
  • Insert Character has option to change the character set language
  • Tags popup window (Clue Editor) now resizes correctly, and shows more in drop-down list
  • Save button color changes when there are changes to be saved
  • Fixed issue with solution words being (wrongly) upper case
  • Fixed issue changing circle color with multiple square selection
  • Fixed word paste replacing locked letters
  • Fixed Clue Squares using 10 lines per square font size

Version 11.12, 18th August 2022

  • Added Find function to Review/Edit clues window (Ctrl+F)
  • Added Manual Word Selection window option to change the checked tick color
  • Added Edit menu, Current word, "Mark as theme" option to toggle whether current word is marked as a theme word (Cltr+Alt+T shortcut)
  • Added hint message when making word search with hidden phrase that seems to be too short for a fill to be possible
  • Small improvements to display of corner arrow window
  • Fix resizing of statistics window lengths and tags
  • Fix saving of multiple tags with spaces
  • Fix hiding of upper case solution words when opening a puzzle for solving by holding down the control key
  • Fix import of clue database as CSV when not keeping date column
  • Fixed changing grid changed state when using AutoFind to change word format

Version 11.11, 12th July 2022

  • Support for theme word tagging and adding custom tags to each clue (Clue Editor, top right below toolbar); Words from themed autofill, or Fit Theme Words, automatically get theme tag
  • Review distribution of clue tags in Statistics, Words, Clue tags tab
  • Preferences, Display tab can now customize the style checker, theme word and Grid Insight colors
  • XML output now preserves solution format when no clue
  • Fixed Grid Insight bug flagging words not in list
  • Fixed issue opening files with square brackets in file name
  • Fixed issue with silent installation
  • Fixed (mostly harmless) issue saving clues when clue and grid font style different
  • Fixed changing grid changed state when changing Lock setting

Version 11.1, 13th April 2022

  • New Pro Grid Filler options tab to exclude words from a blacklist or clue database (with optional recent date exclusion)
  • Added keyboard shortcuts for database Add new clues (Shift+Ctrl+A) and add current clue (Shift+Alt+A)
  • Fixed leading space in rich text export of fill-in or word search words
  • Fix for saving PDFs containing clues with em dash
  • Fix bug adding formatted clues to database that are all italic or underline
  • Fix for using Alt+Arrow keys on numeric keypad
  • Fixed vocabulary fill avoiding recently-used clue database clues
  • Fix rare case adding clue square corner arrows
  • Fixed various help file typos

Version 11.06, 5th March 2022

  • Review/Edit Clues has option button to show and allow editing of explanations/citations, change spacing and font size setting
  • Clue database can now store formatted clues (bold/italic/underline/superscript/subscript)
  • Clue/Clue Square Editor database clue list right-click menu option to convert quotes to italics, and option to jump to clue by selecting grid and typing first letter
  • Print/PDF for review window has new button to quick-set common crossword submission settings
  • Web upload registration has a button to re-set the password, and Web Site Admin function in the export window has a new button a change the password
  • Save as Templates now has option to clear the current grid in the saved template (so just saving default size and settings)
  • Grid typing direction can now be changed by dragging the mouse half a square down or across within a square (allowing you to move the cursor and change the typing direction in a single mouse gesture)
  • Clue Square Editor can be resized horizontally to see longer database clues, and looks up database clue automatically from existing corner arrow
  • Print/Export Worksheet has new option to centre the grid when printing with clues below the grid
  • Tweak to support some partially overlapping continued words in XML export and the solving applet
  • Updates for Windows 11 compatibility/cosmetics
  • Fixed loading of clues with underline from xml
  • Fixed changing default clue square lines in Grid Properties
  • Fixed printing/PDF of grids with some partially transparent PNG images
  • Fixed generating coded puzzle solution code with extended alphabets
  • Fixed manual word selection window not showing database clues in database font and Use Word button being incorrectly disabled
  • Fixed some conflicting keyboard shortcuts in Square Properties

Version 11.05, 17th January 2022

  • [17 Jan: fixed regression in File, Copy to Clipboard, Clues]
  • Clue database clues can now be edited in the Clue Editor/Clue Square Editor; Delete key deletes selected database clue.
  • Right-click option in Clue Editor/Clue Square Editor database clue to show the column headers (click on headers to sorts clues), and option to hide hints
  • Word Search Options tab setting to preserve accents or case
  • New Filter button in New Puzzle window to find grid patterns with particular word length distribution (Pro version)
  • Fit Theme Words has new option Use longest word slots, to ensure theme words fill all the longest word slots in the matching grids (Pro filler)
  • Fit Theme Words will now show option to show the set of longest fitting words if the full set of theme words will not fit
  • Back button during manual word selection now selects first word that was not previously tried; previously-used word color can be customized (Options tab)
  • Added Clues in one paragraph option under Export, Plain text.
  • Show a warning if opening a puzzle that is already open
  • Square properties remembers last active control
  • Alt+Enter saves and closes Clue Square Editor
  • Statistics, Accidental Words now also checks the complete words in the grid
  • Fixed issue exporting xml with clues having some formatted non-English text or symbols
  • Fixed bug changing settings from AutoFind when Grid Insight enabled
  • Fixed saving of drop-down citation defaults in Preferences
  • Fixed issues backing up with no files open and custom lookups
  • Fix display of long word length string in grid preview
  • Fix bug opening grids with empty alphabet
  • Fixed bug using AutoFill on (virtual) systems with only one CPU core
  • Fixed Print/Export Worksheet for large puzzles with side numbering
  • Fixed diagonal arrows getting lost during grid resize
  • Fixed file access error in Word List Manager after pattern search
  • Added set of 11x11 grid patterns to the Standard grid library (thanks to Peter Sim)

Version 11.04, 7th December 2021

  • Square Properties can now set circle color and background color independently
  • Added new clue numbering option (Clue Properties) - Random by direction
  • Various fixes for Backup/Revert, and more robust error handling

Version 11.03, 3rd December 2021

  • Support for version 2.x .puz file inport/export (including Unicode clue/info support)
  • Lower toolbar shows lock icon when grid is locked
  • Added Edit Clue right-click Copy menu item (and slightly re-ordered)
  • New Puzzle wizard allows customization of alphabet when making coded puzzles
  • Added bar count to Statistics (bars between letter squares only)
  • Updated File, Open window, and added Encoding selection drop-down to plain text import windows (e.g. for UTF-8 encoded Unicode text)
  • Fix for current clue not being saved when closing Review/Edit Clues
  • Fixed issue exporting scrambled puz files with a rebus
  • Fix for exporting PDF with Dutch IJ ligature
  • Fix for loading some v10-saved PDF export settings

Version 11.02, 23rd November 2021

  • Clue Editor, added database right-click menu option to configure which columns are shown (e.g. can include citation, esp. combined with making Clue Editor wider)
  • Add puzzle clues to Database: replace function now has option to replace only clues with specific citation (or other field value)
  • Added Copy to right-click in Review/Edit Clues
  • Grid Properties, Clue Squares advanced setting "Space vertically independent of content" (to give same positioning regardless of whether text has accents or descending characters)
  • Ctrl+Return accepts and inserts all forced letters shown by Grid Insight
  • Applet now locally saves before Submit/Mark/completion URL link, so fill state is not lost when going back to the page
  • Added drop-down menu to Save PDF in Print/PDF for Review to save PDF with alternative option for extended characters (can help using some unusual unicode characters)
  • Allow making grids only one square wide/high
  • Fixed fill word score issue with forced words
  • Fixed sizing of text in squares with two letters in
  • Fixed width of date column in database clue list views
  • Fixed old bugs with AutoFind after deleting assigned word list
  • Fixed RTF export of non-square puzzles, and fill-in words in Italian version
  • Fixed update of clue count after database edits in Clue Editor
  • Fixed issue changing screen resolution with certain windows open
  • Fixed alignment of some linked clue numbers in Review/Edit
  • Fixed restoring files from old version 8 backup files with no settings
  • Fixed issue with all-user upgrade installations
  • Collins Dictionary add-on updated 18 Nov, matching latest digital edition (with many new words)

Version 11.01, 8 November 2021

  • Clearer grid preview image in New Puzzle wizard
  • Fix for some button icons on Windows 7
  • Show AutoFill menu (and hence shortcut) also for making sudoku
  • Prevent scroll zoom during AutoFill

Version 11

Updates for previous major version

Version 10.25, 27th March 2021

  • Fixed issue with templates in some character sets, and backwards compatibility of English puzzles
  • Fixed refilling without selected word (bug since 10.24)
  • Fixed print/export of Italian-style blocks
  • Fixed bug using clues from clue database files with periods in the name

Version 10.24, 20th February 2021

  • Clue Editor's explanation/citation and solution word now support Ctrl+V paste mid-text
  • Statistics word list does not now change scroll position whenever grid is edited
  • Added Dutch IJ ligature to Insert Character
  • Rich Text output of word search words now respects column setting
  • Fixed target pixel width in picture export to file
  • Fixed handling of empty word slots in Statistics, words, select words not in spelling list
  • Fixed duplicate subword warning for word searches even when that option not selected
  • Fixed first clue database look up in a databases with non-equivalent letter indexing options
  • Fixed used word list during filling after stopping a continued fill
  • Fixed applet display of multi-letter solutions with spaces
  • Fixed font in Merge grid library window
  • Fixed saving of grid font with non-Western charset when no characters used
  • Fixed edge grid border drawing after removing squares to make shape
  • Print/Export Worksheet, Save to PDF uses default filename and respects option to always export to puzzle folder

Version 10.23, 3nd February 2021

  • Fixed wrong solution letters when completing a fill after viewing multiple fills
  • Templates starting with a grid library name will use that grid library by default (e.g. template "American - custom" will always use the American grid library)
  • Vocabulary puzzle window can now also open text files in Unix/Mac format
  • Fixed update of review/edit clues after word deletion and option changes
  • Fixed display of underline text in applet export and applet clues
  • Fixed word list manager when no theme lists installed and match list update after deleting search pattern

Version 10.22, 5th January 2021

  • Fixed opening XML puzzles with one letter word clues
  • XML export includes more complete solution word formatting information
  • Improved applet display/alignment of puzzles with numbered sides
  • Fix for rare issue with WordWeb auto-format of solution words

Version 10.21, 17 August 2020

  • Fix showing of duplicate words in Statistics (similar words and word list)
  • Fix for editing grid letters for words with clues and Review/Edit window open
  • Applet fix for non-square puzzles with key words

Version 10.20, 24 April 2020

  • Fix for occasional disappearing letters when filling around existing filled word slots
  • Fix for occasional errors using Fit Theme Words with Fill Around

Version 10.19, 6 March 2020

  • Statistics window now updated for each complete fill considered, and allows highlighting of selected items
  • Fix for occasional hangs when the AutoFill reports no fill immediately, and issues with manual word selection
  • Drop-down when converting .csv clue databases for setting the indexing option directly
  • Fix for saving of puzzles with non-Western clues
  • Fixed bug searching in Word List Manager

Version 10.18b, 10 November 2019

  • Fix for copy to clipboard with non-West European fonts
  • Warning for odd Windows state likely to cause crashes

Version 10.18, 2 November 2019

  • Making a word search from a word list now uses the word list's Equivalent Letter setting consistently
  • Fixed issue exporting PDF with Greek (and some other non-Western) characters
  • Fixed issue repeatedly finding long anagrams
  • Optional Collins dictionary WordWeb Pro add-on updated to 13th edition (if purchased, re-download from order download page)

Version 10.17, 16 August 2019

  • Words Used/Unused toolbar button now available for vocabulary puzzles as well as word searches
  • If the statistics window is open, it now updates if clues changed in the Clue Editor or Review/Edit Clues
  • Statistics window includes additional clue character count including numbers, headings, formats etc.
  • Fixed speed/hang issue using Fit Theme Words with Style Checking (Pro Filler only)
  • Fixed compatibility issue for word searches in solving applet on some web pages
  • Fixed centring of grid when exporting grid and clues with centred grid selected
  • Possible fixes for rare program hangs

Version 10.16, 29 April 2019

  • Exported BMP, JPG and PNG files now have the exported resolution DPI metadata consistently set (as TIFF previously).
  • Web Export, Connection Settings option to use https (non-https remains default for now)
  • WordPress plugin updated for WordPress 5.1+

Version 10.15, 27 October 2018

  • Review/Edit clues window now supports Shift+Ctrl+V to paste from the clipboard as plain text
  • Fixed some issues importing .puz and plain text clue files containing bracketed numbers that are not word lengths
  • Fix clue page wrapping when printing multi-page clues with clue numbering by position
  • Update grid display correctly after using "Apply settings from template"
  • Fix bug changing equivalent letter mapping of Unicode word lists
  • WordPress plugin updated to support blocks/WordPress 5, plus compatibility fixes

Version 10.14b, 1 July 2018

  • Reverted change to https for web upload as some people reported issues

Version 10.14, 24 June 2018

  • Add confirmation when clearing clue list in the Vocabulary Puzzle window before saving it
  • Fixed issue importing external .cluedatabase database files
  • Fixed checking of 2x2 sudokus
  • Fixed issues when using manual word selection Fill Grid and Find Word windows at the same time
  • Export Fill-in Words will now work if "Clue one letter words" option selected

Version 10.13, 18 February 2018

  • Added Clue Database Manager menu item to delete matching filtered clues
  • Manual word selection window now allows deleting of words in a theme word list but prevents impossible change of score from a theme list (fixing crash bug)
  • Fixed Pro Filler occasional crash bug when using manual word selection
  • Fixed some issues with editing databases in the Create Vocabulary Puzzle window
  • Fixed max word length using AutoFind any length and no set letters
  • Find Words sort by length option now saved
  • Fixed bug using Find Word with ^ (NOT) before letters
  • Fixed issue exporting web puzzles with Chinese on some non-English Windows systems
  • Word lists now more robust to external file changes, e.g. using the program more than once in two virtual desktops
  • Fixed bug exporting plain text clues with answers separated by tabs
  • Fixed issue exporting .puz files in German and some other locales
  • Bold and italic square properties now preserved when loaded/saved to XML
  • Fix for some error handling issues during printing
  • hosting site can now be used with https
  • WordPress plugin updated for latest compatibility

Version 10.12, 16 August 2017

  • Vocab and word search puzzles now ignore all punctuation (include left/right quotes)
  • Fixed issue with option to automatically use clue during manual fill if the default clue setting is random
  • Fixed bug opening .puz version 1.4 files with notes
  • Fixed highlighting of some similar words when selected in the similar words list
  • Fixed issue deleting empty words in word list manager

Version 10.11, 28th April 2017

  • Fixed solving applet bug drawing continued word arrows with custom arrow style
  • Fixed generation of 3x3 sudoku with custom numbers
  • WordWeb Pro updated to version 8.1

Version 10.1, 4th March 2017

  • New Clue Database Manager filter option to only show words with multiple clues
  • AutoFind window now has right-click to edit/delete words and change scores
  • New Edit menu, Select All options for key word and circled squares
  • Add puzzle clues to database option to also change the puzzle clue citations if setting in the database
  • Fixed issue using Backup with filenames containing equal signs
  • Fixed bug exporting applet solution string for word searches
  • Fixed applet solution submission and marking for puzzles with linked clues
  • Fixed minor issues with display of long linked clue numbers in clue editor/clue review window
  • Added setting under Options, Display to disable smooth cursor drawing (to avoid rare problems with disappearing cursor)

Version 10.09, 17th January 2017

  • Added Edit menu Select All functions to select all letters, blocks, filled letters, etc.
  • Fixed issue saving clues with subscript and superscript
  • Added Cancel option to save changes prompt when switching lists or closing the Word List Manager
  • Edit box now updates to match selection after deleting word in Word List Manager
  • Edit Clue's "Capitalize"/"Initial Upper" right-click function now have effect if word is currently upper case
  • Fixed bug saving default Max Cheats setting in applet export
  • Collins dictionary now available as WordWeb Pro add-on

Version 10.08, 29th October 2016

  • Added confirmation prompt when deleting word lists
  • Fix toolbar when doing repeat fills
  • Fixed issue changing clue database folder
  • Applet fix for use with German Eszett letter
  • Fix for export of word search solution to PDF image
  • File Export, with option set to use puzzle folder, now defaults to puzzle folder
  • Oxford English Dictionary and New Oxford American Dictionary add-on dictionaries for WordWeb updated with latest 2016 data (if you have them, re-download from your order download page)

Version 10.07a, 8th October 2016

  • version 10.07a Fixed issues with changing the default clue database folder
  • Fixed bugs in Word List Manager's Change Format/Case function
  • Fixed problems exporting word search solutions to PDF
  • Fixed missing default word using 'Add Current Clue' when no clues currently in database

Version 10.06, 21st September 2016

  • version 10.06a fixed review/edit bug in initial release
  • Fixed bug doing a vocabulary fill in a fixed shape
  • Fixed further issue with spacing in PDF export
  • Fixed Clue Database Manager editing bugs
  • Fixed issue using Review/Edit clues when clue numbers are hidden

Version 10.05, 21st August 2016

  • Added %F placeholder for filename when adding patterns to a grid library
  • Added right-click menu to letter frequency list in Statistics to change sort order
  • Fixed quick scroll to typed letter in AutoFind and Find Word
  • Fixed bugs using Word List Manager edit box to delete word and importing text lists with very high ANSI characters
  • Fixed issue with some characters in PDF export
  • Fixed issue with changing background colours when using Square Properties on multiple-square selection
  • Fixed small Clue Square editor bugs
  • Fixed issue with display of formatting in solution even when not set to be solution visible

Version 10.04, 17th July 2016

  • Manual Word Selection setting whether or not to automatically use selected database clue (options tab)
  • Fixed plain text export in Windows text format for non-Western puzzles
  • Fixes for Find Word pattern search with letter groups
  • Fixed issue with default background colour of new clue squares
  • New option in Options, Clue Editing to make clue square clues upper case
  • Fixed issue exporting key word grid for loop-circled key words

Version 10.03, 30th June 2016

  • Fixed grid filling bug
  • Fixed rare bug adding words to words lists
  • Updates to ipuz Sudoku output

Version 10.02, 21st June 2016

  • Fixed uppercasing of code hint letters
  • Fixed AutoFind (any length)
  • Fixed submitted solution checking for uploaded web puzzles
  • Fixes for ipuz sudoku export/import
  • Fix word search puzzles using lines to mark key words
  • Fix issue with extended characters in word search fills
  • Fixed issue filling puzzles with one-letter words enabled
  • Changed clue square editor default database clue to being top/right clue
  • Fix for saving of Clue Database indexing setting
  • Fix for Web Publish upload
  • Fixes for non-Western non-unicode word lists

Version 10.01, 11th June 2016

  • HTML grid export now includes high-res images
  • Fixed bug converting clue databases with dates where not all clues have dates
    (If you have converted databases missing dates, please reconvert after this update)
  • Clue Square Editor preserves word case/accents when using database
  • Clue editor now supports next/previous navigation buttons and standard shortcuts (and no longer changes clue on mouse wheel)
  • Clue Database Manager now saves column sizes
  • Applet fix for solution message on grid with pictures
  • Applet element tag classes for AlphabetLetter, ClueList, PuzzleCopyright, PuzzleTitle (for use in custom css)
  • Various bug fixes
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