Crossword Compiler applet licensing

For more information about Crossword Compiler, or normal ordering options, please see the ordering page. Options on this page do not include a copy of the program. Unless specified they are one-off perpetual licences but not including updates.

You must provide details of the name of your website/app(s) by email after completing the order, and the customized code will then be sent by email.

If you need more than one licence you can order that here, with discounts (per licence) for 5 or more.

Use PayPal Show price in:
Qty Description Price in USD
Custom no-link applet
One-website licensing for a customized applet with copyright message but no copyright link
Custom no-copyright applet for one website
One-website licensing for a customized applet with no copyright message (and no link).
iPad/Android app distribution
Licence to embed the applet in your own app for distribution on Google play or the App Store. Price is per app.
Applet source licence
Source code for the applet so you can make modifications, licensed to use the modified version on one website or in one app. The code must only be re-distributed after obfuscation using standard tools.

After entering in quantities above press "Buy Now" to see an order summary and then connect to a secure web site where you can enter your details.

Custom purchases above are one-off and do not include updates. If you order a custom (non-source) licence you can also subscribe to get updates on request at most once per minor program version. See the Update Subscription page.

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