Puzzle styles and options

Crossword Compiler supports many puzzle styles. You can also customize many aspects of the grid and squares, changing colors, inserting pictures, changing numbering, etc.

Sudoku puzzles

These number-place puzzles are usually 9x9 squares, but you can also make other rectangular shapes. The sudoku generator will make a puzzle of the specified difficulty level almost instantly.

You can use letters rather than numbers if you prefer.

Clues-in-squares puzzles

These puzzles have clues written in 'clue-squares'. There is a clue square editor where you can write the clues and add arrows to point to the clue words.

Coded ('Codebreaker') puzzles

These puzzles have a number in each square that stands for a different letter. The solver has to break the code to fill in the puzzle. The grid filler can automatically generate 'pangrammatic' puzzles - those containing each letter of the alphabet at least once.

Rebus puzzles

Rebus puzzles have some multi-letter squares that also have background pictures.

Barred puzzles

This type of puzzle is popular for some kinds of advanced cryptics. Double-click on a grid line to insert a bar.

French-style puzzles

These puzzles are numbered by row and column. The program fully supports making puzzles in all European languages.

Italian-style puzzles

Blocks do not fill squares. The program fully supports making puzzles in all European languages.

Other options

This example shows use of hint letters, background colors and continued words.

Grid properties

Many properties can be changed, for example you can change line widths and colors, square sizes, background colors and various advanced options.

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