Crossword Compiler 11 users' page

This page contains information for people who already have a full copy of Crossword Compiler 11 installed. For information about the program features and how to order it see the Home Page.

Customer Support

Please see the contact page.

Select "Download updates from the web" from Crossword Compiler's Help menu for upgrade links or to download updates with your license information pre-filled.

Please enter your details to log in to download updates (the email should be the one you used when buying the program, or any other email we have associated with you):

license number: email:

For details of changes see the update history.


Press F1 when running Crossword Compiler to see relevant help material, and the PDF version of the help linked on the Help menu. There are also some PDF and online video tutorials and a Crossword Compiler FAQ page which lists answers to common questions and has some tips and tricks for using the program.

Optional Extras

Don't miss out on all the optional extras - add a powerful thesaurus/dictionary that can be used directly from the Crossword Compiler clue editor, lots of additional word lists, and the Professional Grid Filler. See the ordering page for more information.

Changed your e-mail address?

If you have only just got an e-mail address, didn't give your e-mail address when you ordered the program, or if you recently changed your e-mail address please let us know. You will be sent an e-mail whenever a new version of Crossword Compiler is available (but not for every minor update).

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