Crossword Compiler 10 update History

Version 10.25, 27th March 2021

  • Fixed issue with templates in some character sets, and backwards compatibility of English puzzles
  • Fixed refilling without selected word (bug since 10.24)
  • Fixed print/export of Italian-style blocks
  • Fixed bug using clues from clue database files with periods in the name
  • WordWeb Pro add-on dictionary updated to version 9.1 with support for Edge WebView embedded browser (see Preferences, Browser).

Version 10.24, 20th February 2021

  • Clue Editor's explanation/citation and solution word now support Ctrl+V paste mid-text
  • Statistics word list does not now change scroll position whenever grid is edited
  • Added Dutch IJ ligature to Insert Character
  • Rich Text output of word search words now respects column setting
  • Fixed target pixel width in picture export to file
  • Fixed handling of empty word slots in Statistics, words, select words not in spelling list
  • Fixed duplicate subword warning for word searches even when that option not selected
  • Fixed first clue database look up in a databases with non-equivalent letter indexing options
  • Fixed used word list during filling after stopping a continued fill
  • Fixed applet display of multi-letter solutions with spaces
  • Fixed font in Merge grid library window
  • Fixed saving of grid font with non-Western charset when no characters used
  • Fixed edge grid border drawing after removing squares to make shape
  • Print/Export Worksheet, Save to PDF uses default filename and respects option to always export to puzzle folder

Version 10.23, 3nd February 2021

  • Fixed wrong solution letters when completing a fill after viewing multiple fills
  • Templates starting with a grid library name will use that grid library by default (e.g. template "American - custom" will always use the American grid library)
  • Vocabulary puzzle window can now also open text files in Unix/Mac format
  • Fixed update of review/edit clues after word deletion and option changes
  • Fixed display of underline text in applet export and applet clues
  • Fixed word list manager when no theme lists installed and match list update after deleting search pattern

Version 10.22, 5th January 2021

  • Fixed opening XML puzzles with one letter word clues
  • XML export includes more complete solution word formatting information
  • Improved applet display/alignment of puzzles with numbered sides
  • Fix for rare issue with WordWeb auto-format of solution words

Version 10.21, 17 August 2020

  • Fix showing of duplicate words in Statistics (similar words and word list)
  • Fix for editing grid letters for words with clues and Review/Edit window open
  • Applet fix for non-square puzzles with key words

Version 10.20, 24 April 2020

  • Fix for occasional disappearing letters when filling around existing filled word slots
  • Fix for occasional errors using Fit Theme Words with Fill Around

Version 10.19, 6 March 2020

  • Statistics window now updated for each complete fill considered, and allows highlighting of selected items
  • Fix for occasional hangs when the AutoFill reports no fill immediately, and issues with manual word selection
  • Drop-down when converting .csv clue databases for setting the indexing option directly
  • Fix for saving of puzzles with non-Western clues
  • Fixed bug searching in Word List Manager

Version 10.18b, 10 November 2019

  • Fix for copy to clipboard with non-West European fonts
  • Warning for odd Windows state likely to cause crashes

Version 10.18, 2 November 2019

  • Making a word search from a word list now uses the word list's Equivalent Letter setting consistently
  • Fixed issue exporting PDF with Greek (and some other non-Western) characters
  • Fixed issue repeatedly finding long anagrams
  • Optional Collins dictionary WordWeb Pro add-on updated to 13th edition (if purchased, re-download from order download page)

Version 10.17, 16 August 2019

  • Words Used/Unused toolbar button now available for vocabulary puzzles as well as word searches
  • If the statistics window is open, it now updates if clues changed in the Clue Editor or Review/Edit Clues
  • Statistics window includes additional clue character count including numbers, headings, formats etc.
  • Fixed speed/hang issue using Fit Theme Words with Style Checking (Pro Filler only)
  • Fixed compatibility issue for word searches in solving applet on some web pages
  • Fixed centring of grid when exporting grid and clues with centred grid selected
  • Possible fixes for rare program hangs

Version 10.16, 29 April 2019

  • Exported BMP, JPG and PNG files now have the exported resolution DPI metadata consistently set (as TIFF previously).
  • Web Export, Connection Settings option to use https (non-https remains default for now)
  • WordPress plugin updated for WordPress 5.1+

Version 10.15, 27 October 2018

  • Review/Edit clues window now supports Shift+Ctrl+V to paste from the clipboard as plain text
  • Fixed some issues importing .puz and plain text clue files containing bracketed numbers that are not word lengths
  • Fix clue page wrapping when printing multi-page clues with clue numbering by position
  • Update grid display correctly after using "Apply settings from template"
  • Fix bug changing equivalent letter mapping of Unicode word lists
  • WordPress plugin updated to support blocks/WordPress 5, plus compatibility fixes

Version 10.14b, 1 July 2018

  • Reverted change to https for web upload as some people reported issues

Version 10.14, 24 June 2018

  • Add confirmation when clearing clue list in the Vocabulary Puzzle window before saving it
  • Fixed issue importing external .cluedatabase database files
  • Fixed checking of 2x2 sudokus
  • Fixed issues when using manual word selection Fill Grid and Find Word windows at the same time
  • Export Fill-in Words will now work if "Clue one letter words" option selected

Version 10.13, 18 February 2018

  • Added Clue Database Manager menu item to delete matching filtered clues
  • Manual word selection window now allows deleting of words in a theme word list but prevents impossible change of score from a theme list (fixing crash bug)
  • Fixed Pro Filler occasional crash bug when using manual word selection
  • Fixed some issues with editing databases in the Create Vocabulary Puzzle window
  • Fixed max word length using AutoFind any length and no set letters
  • Find Words sort by length option now saved
  • Fixed bug using Find Word with ^ (NOT) before letters
  • Fixed issue exporting web puzzles with Chinese on some non-English Windows systems
  • Word lists now more robust to external file changes, e.g. using the program more than once in two virtual desktops
  • Fixed bug exporting plain text clues with answers separated by tabs
  • Fixed issue exporting .puz files in German and some other locales
  • Bold and italic square properties now preserved when loaded/saved to XML
  • Fix for some error handling issues during printing
  • hosting site can now be used with https
  • WordPress plugin updated for latest compatibility

Version 10.12, 16 August 2017

  • Vocab and word search puzzles now ignore all punctuation (include left/right quotes)
  • Fixed issue with option to automatically use clue during manual fill if the default clue setting is random
  • Fixed bug opening .puz version 1.4 files with notes
  • Fixed highlighting of some similar words when selected in the similar words list
  • Fixed issue deleting empty words in word list manager

Version 10.11, 28th April 2017

  • Fixed solving applet bug drawing continued word arrows with custom arrow style
  • Fixed generation of 3x3 sudoku with custom numbers
  • WordWeb Pro updated to version 8.1

Version 10.1, 4th March 2017

  • New Clue Database Manager filter option to only show words with multiple clues
  • AutoFind window now has right-click to edit/delete words and change scores
  • New Edit menu, Select All options for key word and circled squares
  • Add puzzle clues to database option to also change the puzzle clue citations if setting in the database
  • Fixed issue using Backup with filenames containing equal signs
  • Fixed bug exporting applet solution string for word searches
  • Fixed applet solution submission and marking for puzzles with linked clues
  • Fixed minor issues with display of long linked clue numbers in clue editor/clue review window
  • Added setting under Options, Display to disable smooth cursor drawing (to avoid rare problems with disappearing cursor)

Version 10.09, 17th January 2017

  • Added Edit menu Select All functions to select all letters, blocks, filled letters, etc.
  • Fixed issue saving clues with subscript and superscript
  • Added Cancel option to save changes prompt when switching lists or closing the Word List Manager
  • Edit box now updates to match selection after deleting word in Word List Manager
  • Edit Clue's "Capitalize"/"Initial Upper" right-click function now have effect if word is currently upper case
  • Fixed bug saving default Max Cheats setting in applet export
  • Collins dictionary now available as WordWeb Pro add-on

Version 10.08, 29th October 2016

  • Added confirmation prompt when deleting word lists
  • Fix toolbar when doing repeat fills
  • Fixed issue changing clue database folder
  • Applet fix for use with German Eszett letter
  • Fix for export of word search solution to PDF image
  • File Export, with option set to use puzzle folder, now defaults to puzzle folder
  • Oxford English Dictionary and New Oxford American Dictionary add-on dictionaries for WordWeb updated with latest 2016 data (if you have them, re-download from your order download page)

Version 10.07a, 8th October 2016

  • version 10.07a Fixed issues with changing the default clue database folder
  • Fixed bugs in Word List Manager's Change Format/Case function
  • Fixed problems exporting word search solutions to PDF
  • Fixed missing default word using 'Add Current Clue' when no clues currently in database

Version 10.06, 21st September 2016

  • version 10.06a fixed review/edit bug in initial release
  • Fixed bug doing a vocabulary fill in a fixed shape
  • Fixed further issue with spacing in PDF export
  • Fixed Clue Database Manager editing bugs
  • Fixed issue using Review/Edit clues when clue numbers are hidden

Version 10.05, 21st August 2016

  • Added %F placeholder for filename when adding patterns to a grid library
  • Added right-click menu to letter frequency list in Statistics to change sort order
  • Fixed quick scroll to typed letter in AutoFind and Find Word
  • Fixed bugs using Word List Manager edit box to delete word and importing text lists with very high ANSI characters
  • Fixed issue with some characters in PDF export
  • Fixed issue with changing background colours when using Square Properties on multiple-square selection
  • Fixed small Clue Square editor bugs
  • Fixed issue with display of formatting in solution even when not set to be solution visible

Version 10.04, 17th July 2016

  • Manual Word Selection setting whether or not to automatically use selected database clue (options tab)
  • Fixed plain text export in Windows text format for non-Western puzzles
  • Fixes for Find Word pattern search with letter groups
  • Fixed issue with default background colour of new clue squares
  • New option in Options, Clue Editing to make clue square clues upper case
  • Fixed issue exporting key word grid for loop-circled key words

Version 10.03, 30th June 2016

  • Fixed grid filling bug
  • Fixed rare bug adding words to words lists
  • Updates to ipuz Sudoku output

Version 10.02, 21st June 2016

  • Fixed uppercasing of code hint letters
  • Fixed AutoFind (any length)
  • Fixed submitted solution checking for uploaded web puzzles
  • Fixes for ipuz sudoku export/import
  • Fix word search puzzles using lines to mark key words
  • Fix issue with extended characters in word search fills
  • Fixed issue filling puzzles with one-letter words enabled
  • Changed clue square editor default database clue to being top/right clue
  • Fix for saving of Clue Database indexing setting
  • Fix for Web Publish upload
  • Fixes for non-Western non-unicode word lists

Version 10.01, 11th June 2016

  • HTML grid export now includes high-res images
  • Fixed bug converting clue databases with dates where not all clues have dates

  • (If you have converted databases missing dates, please reconvert after this update)
  • Clue Square Editor preserves word case/accents when using database
  • Clue editor now supports next/previous navigation buttons and standard shortcuts (and no longer changes clue on mouse wheel)
  • Clue Database Manager now saves column sizes
  • Applet fix for solution message on grid with pictures
  • Applet element tag classes for AlphabetLetter, ClueList, PuzzleCopyright, PuzzleTitle (for use in custom css)
  • Various bug fixes

Updates for previous major version

Version 9.11, 26th July 2015

  • Fix for export of text answers in puzzles with alphabetical clue numbering
  • Fix for interactive non-square puzzles with side numbering
  • Minor solving applet update
  • Minor changes for Windows 10 compatibility
  • Optional Chambers Thesaurus add-on updated to the 5th Edition

Version 9.10, 7th September 2014

  • Window text fonts improved for high-resolution screens
  • Fixed orientation of images in puzzles containing bitmap pictures stored in top-down .bmp format
  • Solving applet update:
    • Supports custom clue text color for clue squares (set in Square Properties)
    • Check button is now allowed for Sudoku puzzles
    • Fixed height of exported puzzle with alphabet and buttons below
    • COMPLETIONPICTURE applet parameter now working; improvements to completion message display
    • VALIDATESUDOKU applet parameter; set to false to turn of valid sudoku input checking

Version 9.08, 16th February 2014

  • Grid Resize window has new option to make new squares voids or empty letter squares
  • Fixed bug changing format of empty linked clues
  • Applet options setting to change the color for completed clues
  • Solving applet update:
    • Fixed bug affecting coded puzzles
    • Improved applet touch detection, and fix for word searches on desktop Chrome
    • Bottom-floating selected clue display for small-screen desktop and Android devices (not iOS yet)

Version 9.07, 11th January 2014

  • Fixed accidental word checking in word search puzzles using custom word list
  • Fixed modal window issue on completion of spell check
  • Fixed issue checking clues-in-squares puzzles with images
  • Solving applet update:
    • Corrected method and help documentation for Javascript access to applet functions
    • Clues-in-squares puzzles: improved arrow rendering; works (suboptimally) with non-fully-linked clue squares
    • Various minor fixes

Version 9.06, 19th December 2013

  • Solving applet update:
    • WordPress puzzle plugin available for easy upload to WordPress sites
    • Automatic implementation of Save button using cookies (if save URL not explicitly set)
    • JavaScript functions and partial style sheet customization (see help topic on Applet Parameters)
    • High-resolution graphical button images (e.g. for Retina screens like iPad)
    • Much more reliable when embedded in pages with complex style sheets (e.g. WordPress pages)
    • Improved layout of Clues in Squares style puzzle squares
    • Improved label sizing and layout of buttons
    • Fixed use of wrong-color setting and bugs in picture border layout
  • Fixed window sizing bug with non-standard taskbar locations
  • Export of pictures at higher resolution for retina screens

Version 9.05, 20th October 2013

  • Applet update for wider Android browser compatibility.
  • Added js applet input parameter NOPOPUPKEYBOARD that you can set if you want to only allow alphabet touch input on touch devices

Version 9.04, 21st September 2013

  • Significant improvements to applet touch functionality browser compatibility on Android and iPhone
  • Vocabulary puzzle and word search options to remove words from list that were used in a previous fill
  • Vocabulary puzzle and word search options to sort list; delete entries in words with clues (press delete)
  • Word search filler's Words Used box shows tabs for words used and words that remain unused
  • Optional add-on dictionary updates: new Chambers Thesaurus 4th Edition, very minor bug fixes for Chambers Dictionary

Version 9.03, 12th August 2013

  • Re-fix for .puz export
  • Fixed clue arrow placement from images in grid

Version 9.02, 27th July 2013

  • Applet update for Android Firefox compatibility, smaller download size, and various bug fixes
  • Fixed issue opening .xml files with unicode
  • Save As remembers last folder, but also defaults to current folder for existing puzzles
  • Other minor bug fixes

Version 9.01, 14th June 2013

  • Fixed clue ordering in .puz export
  • Applet and HTML template updates for compatibility and bug fixes
  • Various other minor bug fixes (e.g. Save remembers folder)
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