Customer Support

When running the program you can press F1 at any time to see relevant help material. There are also some online video/PDF tutorials and our YouTube tutorial video channel.

If you have a question please check the Frequently Asked Questions page first. You can get help with any technical problems using the email address given below, or see the discussion board where you can also read replies to previous queries from other people.

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General Email


To pay by credit card or PayPal please see the main ordering page; there is also an option pay by wire transfer.

For questions about ordering please contact by email given above.

Lost orders / computer failures

Please make a backup of your license number and download details as soon as you order, as instructed on the download page. If you have a problem with your computer you can re-install using the original download files or re-download if required. Please note that if you lose your order details we will not in general be able to replace the program for you, however we will try to re-send your details - see the re-download request form.

Affiliate Program

Please see the affiliates page for details.

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