Crossword Compiler - WordWeb order re-download

If you have your original order notification email, you can probably re-download from the download link in it. Your licence number is given on the download page.

If you did not make an adequate backup of your notification email, nor of the downloads themselves, you may be able to get the link re-sent using the function below. Please note that this feature is provided as a bonus service - we are not under any obligation to replace lost products long after your original purchase.

Your order can probably be traced from your email address. Please enter it below, and we will re-send your download link to your email address. If you have several email addresses, please think carefully about which you used when you originally ordered.


If you want to upgrade to a recent version, there's probably no need to install an old version first - there is an option to get a full installation as long as you haven't changed your email address recently.

If you have changed your e-mail address, but do have a record of your licence number, please update your e-mail first.

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