Upgrade to version 10

There are various options to choose from: The Bundle options include all the optional word lists and WordWeb Pro, the Pro options include the Professional Grid Filler.

See What's New for details of new features. You can use old add-on word lists and dictionaries with the new version, but the additional word lists and WordWeb Pro have been significantly updated.

If you have Crossword Compiler installed use the Download Updates item on the Help menu to open your customized users page. This will give you a link to simple upgrade page showing with your best personalized upgrade options. Alternatively see Which upgrade should I get?

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Qty Description Price in USD
Standard Upgrade
Professional Upgrade
Includes the Pro Grid Filler
WordWeb Pro 9
(thesaurus/dictionary add-on)
Additional word lists
(Updates and new Wikipedia head words)
Language word lists
Geographical word lists

 -OR- save by buying one of the bundle options:
Bundle Upgrade
(everything except the Pro Grid Filler)
Pro Bundle Upgrade
(everything including the Pro Grid Filler)

 -OR- if you have already have one of the Bundle options, or the Pro Grid Filler, you can upgrade it
Bundle Version Upgrade
(includes new WordWeb Pro 9 and latest word lists; no Pro Grid Filler)
Pro Bundle Version Upgrade
(Upgrades everything to the latest version)

You can also add extra WordWeb Pro dictionaries: [click to show]
(full dictionaries in separate tabs; also include word lists )
Delivery Download link e-mailed
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Geographical word lists

There are two large lists of place names in the UK (37 000) and US (16 000), plus the following (separate) lists containing place names and geographical features (rivers, hills, regions, etc) from all over the world:

If you order online you do not need to download them all!

Additional word lists

Language word lists

English word lists for British, American, Canadian and Australian English.

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